Confused Cassie: Turkish Edition.

Turkey has left me confused at so many junctures I was having an impossible time narrowing down what this would cover. Then we were strolling through some questionable streets on our way to the Spice Bazaar and I saw this:

P1030516for those of you as confused as I was here’s a closer look:


leeches. That’s right. LEECHES. If that’s not horrifying enough apparently Turkish people keep them as pets…? That delightful little man (see above) spent 5 minutes trying to convince me I needed one to put on my FACE MY FACE when I have rosy cheeks.


Excuse me while I stick leeches on my face in a flashback to 1400's medicinal practices
Excuse me while I stick leeches on my face in a flashback to 1400’s medicinal practices

My friend Chelsea summed it up best when she said, “Cass….looking at those makes me feel weird inside.”

Indeed it does.

Home in Salzburg.

I am home in Salzy land buried in an unfortunate combination of laundry and homework. Needless to say this has not made my separation anxiety from England easier.

Thankfully I am heading to Turkey on Thursday. This makes it better.

In other news:

When I should be doing laundry and eating chocolate I am instead attending a marionette show tonight.

Look Familiar?
Look Familiar?

I personally am not a fan of puppets. My goal is to not fall asleep. Therefore I am properly preparing myself. See below:

this is the face of a serious student.
this is the face of a serious marionette watcher. 

I will give a full update on what I am sure will be an all star Marionette performance tomorrow. Excuse me while I youtube videos on puppet and “work” on some of my actual obligations.


London Photo Fill in.


Unfortunately our wonderful weekend in London is coming to a close and I have to return home. While I continue to snuggle on our friend’s couch cowering from the cold cold London weather, watching Back to the Future and practicing my British accent here’s some photos with the highlights.

Indeed. Signs in Soho.
Indeed. Signs in Soho.
Breakfast time with my favorites Not pictured: Cassie devouring her pancakes.
Breakfast time with my favorites Not pictured: Cassie devouring her pancakes.
Piccadilly Circus Cuteness.
Piccadilly Circus Cuteness.


An eye at the Eye.
An eye at the Eye.


London has Reeses. Let's never leave!
Relishing in finding Reeses
Obligatory poor photo
Obligatory touristy photo


Street Art at Brick Lane.
Street Art at Brick Lane.

I am now going to see if I can convince John to let me eat some more of his chips.

Confused Cassie. Post: 1

My always reliable criticizer Jake has struck again. First, the bossy guy is telling me to rename my blog and now he is telling me I need to do more “features.” I am unclear what exactly denotes a “feature” but he has made it clear I need to do something of this nature. So in order to make him leave me alone and let me drink coffee in peace I have decided to begin one of these “features.” I will attempt to be reliable about this and will probably post a Confused Cassie once a week on either Saturday or Sunday. (to qualm Jake I will say Saturday, although I am often unreliable about these sorts of promises.)

Regardless, I will take one thing I have seen from the city I am currently in and explain my confusion regarding it. It’s “fun!”

This week I will be questioning who in the world buys these sorts of things:

I mean...really??
I mean…really??

I am genuinely confused by this. You are visiting Stonehenge and suddenly have an overwhelming revelation that you MUST learn how to read prehistoric monuments? Thank goodness the gift shop is carrying these 40 pound hardback books that weigh roughly the same as an infant. If someone could explain this to me that would be excellent. The only viable purpose I could come up with (after offering 100 possibilities which naturally irritated John astronomically) was that perhaps you are concerned about getting mugged in London and needed a weapon. In that case, this book would be quite handy.

Anybody that can explain this to me will receive a copy of this page turner in the post.

Visiting Stonehenge.

I once again find myself in London. This pleases me immensely.

My friends had decided they wanted to go to stonehenge while we were here and i complied thinking yeah old sacred stones could be cool..bucket list…photos….make people jealous…perfect.

I have to be honest though. Stonehenge (for me) was kind of a bust. It was cool don’t get me wrong, I appreciated it for about 2 minutes marveled at the big questions like how? why? and as I listened to my delightful audio guide for those first 2 minutes of interest I was genuinely intrigued. Then I realized they were repeating the same thing over and over again and the act of seeing Stonehenge involved walking a GIANT circle around the entire structure and taking pictures from different angles.

Cool Rocks! Oh there's sheep! YAY
Cool Rocks! Allow me to walk 5 steps and take a new angle.


I spent most of my time photographing these lovable creatures. (I recognize how wrong this is. As my best John pointed out, “really Cass stonehenge is behind you, STONEHENGE and you are trying to make friends with a sheep?!” He then was genuinely exasperated and shaking his head whilst muttering. This is a very good representation of our relationship.) In my defense, look at how cuddly he is!



John eventually relented in being annoyed with me and we took this precious picture:



Once we covered the entire 360 (took about 30 minutes. 20 of which were spent photographing sheep; sorry John!) we entered the gift shop and were on our way back to London.

Final Stance on Stonehenge

Visiting: Ehh…if you only have a couple of days in London or England it is definitely not worth the trip unless you are a HUGE rock/religious circle/just want to say you have been there type individual. There are WAY better ways to spend your precious time in London. However, in general it is cool to see if you have a spare afternoon. A lot of the tours that are offered from London cost around 20 pounds, the drive will take an hour and a half each way, and you will get around 90 minutes to photograph every angle of the stones. (hopefully, there will even be some sheep!)

Worthwhile advice: Stonehenge is always cold. You should absolutely bundle up as the wind chill here is absurd and will leave you wondering how the rocks have withstood this for so long.*** The audio guide has no headphones that come with it however, there is an audio jack if you bring your own. This will save you having to exhaust your arm by holding it up to your ear.<–This is why I lost interest very quickly. My arms are far to weak for that.

Final Opinion: Great if you have some extra time in London (unclear who would…) but if you do then it is definitely a worthwhile photo opportunity and you can say you have walked the (possibly) ancient spiritual circle.

Take some sheep pictures and send them to me if you end up going! Bonus points if you are hugging one. Excuse me while I go warm up from the wind chill.

***Spoiler Alert: The Stonehenge preservers have had to put some back together.

Going to London AND I have a bed!

Last night as I was procrastinating packing for London while watching Veronica Mars (this must be done as their is FINALLY a movie coming out see here:

Then I received an email from the friend I was intending to stay with in London saying that she in fact could not host me. Needless to say, I began to panic. By panic I actually mean I pulled out my book on Street Smarts and began googling best benches in London.

My friends were not as keen on this avenue as I was.

I then had to be proactive and began obsessively and fervently messaging strangers on couch surfer begging them to be my friend. It was like a weird flash back to middle school when you are SO desperate for friendship that you are using way to many exclamation points, being slightly pathetic and annoyingly upbeat. My unrelenting quest to convince a stranger to allow my two friends and I to stay with them worked out finally and I now once again have a bed in London and will not have to brush up on my street hierarchies. YAY

We are eager now that we have a surface to sleep on!
We are eager now that we have a surface to sleep on!


Also who wouldn’t want these people to stay with them!?

An example of my easily persuadable personality.

My apologies for posting twice in one day but I figured it was necessary to remark on my decision to change the name of my blog.

A dear friend pointed out to me that My Pants feel Tight, although brilliant, is a misguided name for a blog that almost never talks about food.

Here is a summary of our conversation:

Jake: Cass, your blog is wonderful/awesome/hilarious but I think you should rename it.

Cass: are you insane? My Pants feel Tight is perfect. It’s the most accurate representation of my perpetual existence.

Jake: Your pants aren’t tight and you never write about food. For people that don’t know you well this is probably misleading. You’re perpetual existence involves drinking WAY to much coffee and never being in the same country. I think you should rename your blog what do you think?

Cass: Jake, are you calling me thin? Thanks! Are we talking about a particular day where you saw me thin or just in general? What was I wearing?

Jake: Can we stay on point here?

Cass: sure, so I should rename my blog to be more coffee and travel related? Alright will do.

Jake: *exasperated* good.

So in an effort to more accurately summarize my blog I have chosen to change the name to: Caffeinated Cassie Takes the World.

I may look docile but I am in fact on an impressive coffee buzz
I may look docile but I am in fact on an impressive coffee buzz