Barcelona. Barcelonnnnnnnnna. Spain. The rain in Spain is greater than the plain?

yes. yes. no.


The country. The people. The city.

Thursday morning when I should have been sitting in German class slipping in and out of disinterest I was instead boarding a plane to Spain. Huzzah!

Flying I had missed immensely. Try traveling by train for 2 and a half months and then FINALLY getting to board an airplane. Luxuries.

Regardless we got there with no severe issues (beautiful and uncommon) and landed in Spain. We took a bus to La Rambla street the most famous street in Barcelona and meandered (in the wrong direction) towards what we thought was our hostel. In fact, I had the map upside down (foolish) and we ended up walking back the other way but nonetheless it was wonderful.

Here’s a picture!


This is where the bus dropped us off before my unfortunate map incident.

We found our hostel! Kabul. Cool. Backpackers. awesome hang out room. Chill. Cool. We checked in we did our thing and we set off in the direction of the ocean not before stopping at Market La Boqueria which let me tell you was GREAT. delicious and fantastic. we went once (sometimes 3 times) a day…. DELICIOUS


our pockets full of fruit and delicious spanish? food we headed down to the Marina.


gorgeous. We also found this guy:


Christopher Columbus! There he is that crazy guy pointing towards America (supposedly). Just doing his thing in Cast bronze. also notice palm trees. LOVE

We walked along the marina:


for hours and hours and explored the tiny perfect streets of Barcelona discovered fantastic little boutiques all possessing the Cassie style which would have been very hard on my wallet if I had not decided I was already spending all my money on fruit at La Boqueria.

We went back to La Plaza Reial where Kabul is which for those unfamiliar with Barcelona is known throughout the city as where the backpackers and homeless people mingle till all hours of the night. Naturally we fit in well.

P1000518this plaza FILLS up with people drinking, pushing pamphlets for parties, and yelling till 9 am in which everyone crawls back in their holes for a siesta until the next night. I can tell you I have never in all my life been asked to party by so many people in one weekend. Estimations reside around 500+. Thank you pamphlet pushers.


We woke up miraculously and went shopping along the way we walked by the parliament? building or something of that nature and we found ourselves witnessed a Barcelona riot. Sidenote: for those that don’t now the current political issues occurring within Spain the province of Catalyan (spelling questionable) is trying to split away from the rest of Spain to be an independent country. Ekkkk. Regardless there were what we think were fake gunshots,,,no promises,,,,and lots of yelling banging and policemen. COOL.


I couldn’t get that close unfortunately. As I’d take a step hear a “fake?” gunshot and back away again. eek

We were making our way over to the Picasso Museum which was AWESOME. Picasso was CRAZZZZY. but his museum was cool. paintings from his childhood. paintings from his blue days. paintings from his portrait phases. little scribbles on parchment. this museum had it all. Its also cool because you would never know it was there if not for the MASSES of people meandering about. Its hidden back in some cool passages. LOVE it. Also theres a cool park right next door with Barcelona’s own little arc. No confusion with France though. due to palm trees as seen here:



After exploring this precious little area we hopped on the subway and saw the Sagrada Familia.


The Sagrada Familia. I cannot emphasize enough is AMAZING. AMAZING. I have never been so blown away by a building in my life. This place is absolutely absurd. Gaudi (the architect) is a crazy genius, they are forever building it its HUGE this is what a modern day Versaille esque situation is. its AMAZING AND ABSURD AND BRILLIANT.

Greatest cathedral I have ever seen and its not even done yet.



I was so mesmerized that I just wanted to stop and stare for hours. Its truly incredible and has now officially made my top 3 best things I have ever seen.

The inside WHOA. the inside is brilliant and so interesting and weird in an excellent way


funky. cool. I could definitely embrace some spirituality in this place. Also another cool staircase



AWESOME. building. I hope they finish it. and soon.

We finished off our afternoon by going to see more of Gaudi’s works considering after my Sagrada Familia trance I had entered I wanted to find more of his brilliance that happens to be scattered around the city. Fun Fact about Gaudi: he was killed by an above ground metro type vehicle when he was jaywalking. Now they are illegal and outlawed throughout Barcelona. A genius taken FAR to soon. Also don’t jaywalk.

Another Gaudi house: (PEOPLE LIVE HERE)



We decided to take a siesta at this point and then we went on a bar crawl with our fellow hostel friends. We went to the coolest shot bar ever. They lit EVERYTHING on fire. I roasted some marshmallows, drank a bit, and nearly burnt my hair off FUN.



We went to a couple more bars realized our guides were very stringent rule followers upon us wanting to hang out longer in this cocktail place and ended up making a couple friends. cool fun. Barcelona nightlife is COOL.


We decided to rent bikes which was possible the greatest idea we had ever had. Biking around Barcelona is definitely (other than Sagrada) was the greatest part of this trip. It was so so so fun to see the city in this way. We biked to the beaches of Barcelona which are INSANE. and so so so fun and great. I LOVED them. This day really sealed my Barcelona love.



Spain is great. Beaches are WONDERFUL




We explored for the rest of the day and then Michelle and I met up with our friend Megan who is studying in Granada for the semester and hung out with them at their hostel talked and drank HORRID spain wine.  Watch out for this stuff.




Slight snafu with time management upon heading back to the airport causing us to mad dash to hail a taxi and getting to the airport with time to spare. At this point, things not going according to plan we totally kill at.

Barcelona was incredible, I never wanted to leave. I considered pitching a tent on the beach and being homeless in the Plaza Reial with my people. LOVE IT BARCELONA FOREVERRRRR